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Cost-Free Reporting for Repair Work:

  • Customers can receive a cost-free report for repair work by providing details about their project.
  • The cost estimation is based on either a design project provided by the customer or the information provided by the customer about the necessary types of work, additions, etc.

Price Determinants:

  • The price depends on the complexity of the work and specific project requirements.
  • Small projects may have a quicker estimation process, while major renovations could have varying prices.
  • Pricing may also be influenced by the scope of work and obligations.

Turnkey Basis Option:

  • For major renovations, the option of completing the entire repair process on a turnkey basis is mentioned.
  • This could lead to a potentially lower price per unit of the installed work.

Appointment and Contacts:

  • If you are interested in getting an advance estimate for your apartment repairs, please contact us to make an appointment.
  • An appointment can be scheduled to discuss the details of the project and obtain a more accurate cost estimate.