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The Great Debate: Wallpaper vs Paint for Wall Finishing

The Great Debate: Wallpaper vs Paint for Wall Finishing

There are two types of people with an endless debate: those who choose only wallpaper for wall finishing and those who advocate for painting. Then there’s a third type, those who haven’t decided yet. This article is for them.

We’ve decided to discuss the pros and cons of each type of finishing. Let’s delve into which is better for renovating your apartment.

Most people begin renovations by choosing wallpaper. For many in our country, the phrase “doing renovations” essentially means putting up wallpaper and laying linoleum.

In other countries, this phrase might mean something else—painting walls, installing carpeting, or laying tiles. Surely, when traveling abroad, you’ve noticed that walls in hotels and apartments are often painted. Let’s find out why.

Preparing Walls for Wallpaper

Let’s talk about preparing walls for wallpaper.

To prepare walls for wallpaper, you need to:

– Clean the wall;
– Plaster;
– Putty;
– Prime;
– Hang wallpaper.

You don’t need to achieve a perfectly smooth wall surface for wallpapering. Especially if the wallpaper is thick, imperfections won’t be noticeable.

Wallpaper can be hung in a couple of days, especially if it has a simple design and is dense. However, it’s important to note that wallpaper is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and is susceptible to drafts.

High-level craftsmanship isn’t required for wallpapering. But if you choose dark wallpaper, a complex pattern, or photo wallpaper, it’s better to leave it to professionals.

Preparing Walls for Paint

To prepare walls for painting, you need to:

– Clean the wall;
– Plaster;
– Putty;
– Sand;
– Prime;
– Apply fiberglass mesh;
– Putty;
– Sand;
– Prime;
– Paint.

The preparation here is more meticulous and time-consuming, especially if the work is done in humid weather.

You’ll need professional assistance to prepare walls for painting. It’s essential to select the right materials, follow the application techniques, and achieve a smooth surface suitable for painting.

Paint and Wallpaper in Interior Design

Neutral-colored paint, like beige or light gray, will complement any furniture and decor. Wallpaper is good if combined skillfully with furniture. Sometimes, a designer’s touch is needed here.

However, the choice of wallpaper today is vast. You can order online or even print any design you desire. Paint doesn’t offer such flexibility. Without decorative elements like panels, posters, or paintings, the room might look bland.

In Conclusion:

1. Choose wallpaper if you’re on a tight budget, doing the renovation yourself, on a tight schedule, and know how to coordinate wallpaper with furniture;
2. Choose paint if you’re planning a comprehensive renovation for many years to come.

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